WebBasic CMS


deletes records from a table

bool $res = wbItemRemove(string $table , string $id [, boot $flush = false])
bool $res = wbItemRemove(string $table , array $list [, boot $flush = false])
bool $res = wbItemRemove(string $table , string $where [, boot $flush = false])

Function wbItemRemove() removes the specified items from the table. As a second argument may be used id of a single record, array list id  to delete items or condition on which the selected items to be deleted.

table name
item id remove
list of item id to remove
condition to select items to remove
if true , the data is immediately flushed from the cache to the file, otherwise the cache is reset is happening after the entire script. Default is false .


$res1 = wbItemRemove("pages","removed",true); 
$res2 = wbItemRemove("pages",array("removed1","removed2"); 
$res3 = wbItemRemove("pages"' id LIKE "removed" OR somefield = "remove_flag" ');