WebBasic CMS


Multifunctional engine for creating web sites and web applications. No-SQL data storage to the file system. jQuery like DOM manipulation with PHP. Multilanguage support. Built-in configurable CMS. Easy start and using.

Enhance HTML features with special attributes  


To create and enhance preset forms and templates


NO-SQL - store data in to the file system using JSON format

Awesome Features List

Amazing Features

The functionality of the system was created and developed in the process of solving specific problems. As a result, we have everything we need to develop dynamic pages.
DOM parser

DOM parser is designed to manipulate templates and forms. Everything you did in jQuery can now be done in PHP scripts.

No-SQL Database

All data is stored as multidimensional arrays in JSON format. The data structure is free and adapts quickly to your project changes.


Built-in multilanguage allows you to create sites and applications designed for users with different language preferences.


A powerful template engine with support for loops, conditions, variables, modules, inserting images and multi-valued fields can reduce programming needs.

WebBasic CMS

The built-in Web Basic CMS offers an extensive set of functions for the administration of your site. As well as the ability to fully customize to the needs of your project.


A specific functions of PHP and jQuery provides an opportunity to manage and extend the functionality of the system, configure BackEnd and FrontEnd.

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